Arcata Community Forest

Ran across a post on Facebook this evening from forest protection legend Greg King, who was praising Arcata Community forest for its commercial logging of its city’s high use recreational areas. Back in the 90’s and early 2000 myself and a now since departed forestry professor Dr. Rudy Becking took issue with this work being… Continue reading Arcata Community Forest

Aggregate-Gradient Ecology

When it comes to restoring ecosystems to optimize sequestration we have many teachings from the past, but we need new teachings as well. As in we need to do more than just restoring the food chain and creating better habitat for indicator species which are chosen because they are good indicators of an ecosystem’s overall… Continue reading Aggregate-Gradient Ecology

What Are Climate Forests?

There’s no better place in the world to grow trees for a thousand years than western Oregon. When European, Russian and Asian trappers first moved into this territory in the first half of the 1800’s the landscape was coming out of a mini ice age that provided perfect growing conditions from 800 to 1850. These… Continue reading What Are Climate Forests?

A New Writing Project

More than a dozen years ago I distributed business cards of an idea that was called: Carbon Conscious Forestry. I was searching for landowners who wanted to increase tree redundancy and the resultant forest resiliency with no kill methods like canopy pruning rather than logging. But back then the notion of evenly spaced trees that… Continue reading A New Writing Project

Tree Farms Vs. Crop Farms

Last Fall while attending a protest of the Crush Timber Sale on Washgington State lands I had a conversation with an older man about how tree farming is not good for hydrology and not good for carbon sequestration. He once was a wheat farmer in Eastern Washington and in my opinion knew more about growing… Continue reading Tree Farms Vs. Crop Farms

Crush Rebuttal

(click highlighted areas to view notes) November 29, 2021 Greetings. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Washington State Department of Natural Resources regarding the Crush timber sale in Capitol State Forest For the Crush timber sale, our South Puget Sound region staff thoroughly reviewed the sale area and found no… Continue reading Crush Rebuttal

Certifications & Credentials

As this website grows with the work of RFPF candidates, we will have many discussions about not just the development of curriculum for many different types of students of forest protection, but the process by which we also earn our many certifications that define the profession of forest protection. One certification at the top of… Continue reading Certifications & Credentials

Hello world!

What does a forester do? What is their authority in a global industrial complex of near always accelerating deforestation rates of primary forest? Or rather what is / does a forester do next? What are the next steps that goes beyond this failure of denying a fecundity of biodiversity? The inspiration for this website and… Continue reading Hello world!